Identifying an Advocate for ODMAP Participation

Identifying a champion or strategy to advocate for Overdose Detection Mapping Application (ODMAP) utilization among stakeholders can be valuable for strengthening partner relationships and boosting participation. This approach was exemplified by the strategies implemented by the Colorado and Minnesota Overdose Response Strategy (ORS) teams.

To address the challenge of ensuring widespread participation in ODMAP among stakeholders in Boulder County, the CO ORS team found an advocate in the Drug Unit Commander, Nicco Goldberger, who oversees the Boulder County Drug Task Force. Leveraging Commander Goldberger’s influential leadership and community standing, the CO ORS team organized an in-person ODMAP presentation during which the Commander played a pivotal role in uniting and addressing concerns among law enforcement, first responders and public health parties. Commander Goldberger’s assistance and the CO ORS team’s efforts facilitated the signing of ODMAP participation agreements by Boulder County Public Health and all law enforcement agencies. As a result, Boulder County became the first county in Colorado to achieve comprehensive ODMAP participation, fostering stronger relationships between law enforcement and public health while promoting cooperation and coordination. The CO Drug Intelligence Officer (DIO) and Public Health Analyst (PHA) continue to work with community champions throughout the state to bring stakeholders together in implementing local strategies to reduce overdoses.

In Minnesota, a state where there was a lack of ODMAP legislation and statewide Application Programming Interface (API), ODMAP participation was voluntary and soliciting agencies individually proved to be time-consuming. The MN ORS team developed a chief’s presentation aimed at garnering ODMAP support within their respective county. By marketing a workshop for attendees to learn and sign up for ODMAP, the ORS team brought together individual local police departments in the county. The event proved to be successful, with eight agencies participating in the workshop and previously unregistered agencies completing registration to initiate ODMAP usage.