19 New Agencies Onboarded to ODMAP

The Kansas (KS) ORS team spearheads the recruitment of key public health and public safety stakeholders across their state into the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP). To accomplish this goal, the KS ORS team presented to communities that have expressed interest in using real-time overdose data and used data directly from ODMAP to portray the value of the platform. In February 2022, the KS Drug Intelligence Officer (DIO) presented ODMAP to the Kansas Board of EMS. Following the presentation, the Board began to enter data into ODMAP through an API and the KS ORS team focused on educating other agencies on how to access and utilize this new data. These agencies included those that were already participating in ODMAP, as well as agencies in high-burden counties that could benefit the most from this new information. By providing ODMAP presentations and demonstrations, the KS ORS team achieved their goal to increase ODMAP data entry participation by adding 19 new agencies into the program.