Fentanyl and Naloxone Distribution on White Mountain Apache Tribe

The Arizona (AZ) ORS team prioritizes the importance of implementing evidence-based prevention strategies and response efforts to reduce overdose deaths on tribal land. Tribal communities represent one of the minority groups that are disproportionately affected by overdose, which emphasizes the need for increased overdose prevention education and training. Although it is difficult to present on tribal land unless specifically invited to do so, the AZ ORS team has been working with the Nexus Coalition for Drug Prevention to establish a meaningful relationship with the White Mountain Apache Tribal Housing Authority. After the team established a relationship, the AZ ORS Drug Intelligence Officer (DIO) and the Nexus Coalition Director worked to educate tribal individuals on the harmful effects of M-30/ Fentanyl, provide naloxone to assist in the reversal of overdoses, and inform members on proper naloxone administration. To date, the team has trained approximately 150 tribal members and is continuously invited back to teach larger groups on tribal land.